You don't need to be a compass ace to practice orienteering! Young and old can learn about this leisure activity provided they are well-shod and provide a water bottle and sun protection when the weather is fine.

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is an activity that can be practiced in any season, whether big or small, with family or friends. The objective is to find a certain number of beacons and answer the questions asked in the leaflet, based on what you see around you. This is a great way to learn while having fun!

Discovering Saint-Chef, abbey town

The starting point is given at the Saint-Chef Tourist Information Office, in order to collect the leaflet that will serve as a guide. The first step is to understand the map and unearth the various clues hidden there in order to set off in the right direction. The bearings are taken, we join the abbey, imposing and major monument of the village of Saint-Cheffois. The route then leads us to the castle district, then we quickly take the direction of the undergrowth to reach the chapel district. We are now walking on the heights towards the town and the view of the village and the abbey church is breathtaking! A photo break is in order.

Not even lost!

Back in the center of the village, we congratulate ourselves on having found each of the beacons, even if we must admit that one of them gave us a hard time! Watch in hand, the orientation course will have occupied us a good hour and a half. Early in the morning before the hot weather, the ride will have been pleasant, with always this little challenge of finding each of the beacons. We who were new to the subject, we did well and enjoyed the activity.

To complete the visit

If you still have some time and energy left after the orientation course, we invite you to visit the village museum. It retraces nearly 15 centuries of history in Saint-Chef, explains the interpretation of the Romanesque frescoes in the abbey church and presents the local children and certain objects that belonged to them.

Test other routes!

To date, there are three orienteering courses on our territory which allow you to discover Saint-Chef but also the Blue Valley in Montalieu-Vercieu and the Sensitive Natural Area of ​​the Lemps pond in Optevoz. For each of the routes, the leaflet is available in an adult or children's version. The course is the same, only the difficulty of the questions varies.


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