If there is a territory where it is good to go off the rails, it is the Balcons du Dauphiné. Between the 18 km of greenway linking Crémieu to Arandon, the ViaRhôna, cycle route beloved of traveling cyclists who stop off at Les Balcons more and more often and the many mountain bike trails, we are on the job!

Proof of this is with the many hosts with the "Accueil vélo" label, but also with the events that are successful far beyond the limits of our beautiful playground: the Rallye des Lauzes, the ViaRhôna Experience or the Tour du Valromey …Whether you are with family, friends, cool on the small paths or dancing on the climbs, all in the saddle at Les Balcons!

The ViaRhôna, from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean…

La ViaRhôna
Christian Martelet/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourism

The ViaRhôna

Ideal for a family bike ride!

La ViaRhôna

The ViaRhôna

From north to south or from south to north, the choice is yours!

To take you from the shores of Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Mediterranean by bike, following the Rhône river, this is the ambition of ViaRhôna, a cycle route of 815 km. Steps to marvel at incredible alpine panoramas or contemplate Provençal lavender fields without forgetting the local gastronomy. At the Balcons du Dauphiné, the 70 km of Véloroute that criss-crosses our lands will be an opportunity to take a break at the National Natural Reserve of the Haut Rhône at Avenières-Veyrins-Thuellin, at the city of painters in Morestel, at the Grottes de la Balme or discover the archaeological sites of Larina and San Roman de Jalionas. The famous cycle route also has the good idea of ​​connecting to the Voie Verte to connect Arandon-Passins to the medieval town of Crémieu!

The greenway, from Crémieu to the ViaRhôna

A safe route of 18 km on the route of the former East Lyonnais railway entirely dedicated to soft mobility? This is exactly what the greenway that connects the medieval town of Crémieu to Arandon-Passins and its Sensitive Natural Areas is. Come and take a breath of fresh air between plains and hills, between woods and pastures! Ideal for going with the family because the route does not present any technical difficulty… Apart from perhaps a small false flat on the side of Trept?! And for those who want to continue their journey, this green line joins the ViaRhôna at the level of the Arandon-Passins sector to become a secondary loop. The difficult choice will then be to opt either in the direction of Montalieu/Lagnieu or in the direction of Morestel/Les Avenières. What a concern!

The special “bike” highlights

ViaRhôna experiences

Viarhôna Experiences means coming to discover, along the Rhône, the richness of the territories through their actors and their heritage. Don't miss the loop "The Real by the Blue Valley" with its 25km of roaming at the Balcons du Dauphiné.

Turnkey bike outings!

By bike at Les Balcons, we pedal as we like! If you prefer that everything be organized for you, from bike rental to the itinerary, we have what you need: tested circuits, supervised by pros. Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed mountain biker, an electric bike enthusiast or not, there will necessarily be a suitable offer. And if you're more of the "We'll see when we get there" type, we have that in store too! You can even try your hand at the electric all-terrain scooter… The downside is that it's totally addictive!

Family outing by bike

Stop at the Balcons du Dauphiné

The Contamines Villa

Do you know the label Home Cycling ? It is a national brand that guarantees a welcome and quality services along cycle routes for roaming cyclists, and which can be attributed to accommodation, restaurants, tourist sites, bike rental companies and/or repairers. or tourist offices!

And the hike in all this?

With more than 700 kilometers of PDIPR paths (Departmental Plan for Walking and Hiking Routes), all the beautiful nature of the Balcons du Dauphiné awaits you. For more details and for the modest sum of 5 euros, get the Balcons du Dauphiné map guide sold in the Tourist Information Offices of Crémieu, Les Avenières-Veyrins-Thuellin, Morestel and Saint-Chef. But no, it's not an expense, it's an investment!

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