Come breathe with family, lovers or friends at the Balcons du Dauphiné, northern tip of the Isère department with the Rhône as its border! Less than an hour from Lyon on the east side, between the Rhone capital and Chambéry, not very far from Grenoble and about twenty kilometers north of Bourgoin-Jallieu, you will necessarily stop off in our cheerful and preserved countryside!

Once you arrive, everything is available to you: the hiking trails, Greenway, the cycle route ViaRhôna, remarkable sites... Active or contemplative, it is within a territory rich in authentic heritage, a lively and welcoming rurality whose actors and inhabitants take full measure of the challenges of eco-responsibility that we will meet you.

We don't have red pandas but we have... European pond turtles!

Counting on its territory, about twentySensitive Natural Spaces, the National Nature Reserve of the French Haut-Rhône and the Regional Nature Reserve of the Ponds of Creys-Mépieu, the Balcons du Dauphiné are an identity nature destination! So many places, in the spring, to admire the flowering of wild orchids or to watch with binoculars, the moment when a pond turtle comes to sunbathe on the edge of the pond... For those who would like to deepen their knowledge, free themed tours are offered every summer, by reservation, with nature guides from the department and throughout the year with the Lo Parvi association!

We don't have the Mont Ventoux but we have... the ViaRhôna!

Whether we are outings quietly with the family on the 18 km of Greenway between Crémieu and Arandon-Passins or melting down stony mountain bike descents, all cyclists will find a playground to suit their desires at Les Balcons du Dauphiné! With no less than 700 km of hiking trails and the ViaRhôna which is always spreading a little more on our territory, the bike is really at the party at Les Balcons. It's drring!

We don't have the Sistine Chapel but we have... the Chapel of the Angels!

Of course, when we talk about heritage at the Balcons du Dauphiné, we immediately think of the medieval city of Creamieu, to the abbey city of Saint-Chef, at the City of Painters in Morestel but also to the sites of Quirieu, the sleeping beauty, or Vertrieu with its two castles dominating the Rhône. The archaeological sites are also very well represented with Larina (not forgetting the museum!) and the Vernai site in Saint-Romain-de-Jalionas. Beyond its unavoidable remains, it is not uncommon to find in the many small villages des Balcons, here a wash house, elsewhere a communal oven or a pretty chapel... All the charm of our beautiful countryside also lies in the diversity of this beautiful vernacular heritage which is the pride of its inhabitants!

We don't have the Niagara Falls but we have... the Lônes du Rhône!

Didier Jungers

The 3rd longest river in France and the 1st by its flow is also the one that marks a natural border between our territory and the department of Ain. Over time, the Rhône in its impetuosity or its great serenity has shaped remarkable landscapes, in particular islands which are an Eden for many plant and animal species such as the beaver, the swan or our emblematic pond turtle. Many outdoor sports are practiced on its course: hydrospeed, kayaking, boating... What a "water" bathe, this Rhône!

We go and we (re) come to the Balcons du Dauphiné!

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