The Balcons du Dauphiné are an exceptional playground for hiking enthusiasts: no less than 700km of trails are marked and listed in a hiking map guide (on sale at the Tourist Office – €5,00). Prepare your shoes, your backpack, your water bottle, your sunscreen and all the necessary in case of emergency, check the weather before leaving and have a nice hike!

The golden rules for a successful hike:

  • I respect nature and do not pick flowers
  • I bring back my waste or put it in the nearest bin
  • I respect others and the animals that I might meet on my way
  • I stay on the marked paths

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A short tour around Crémieu

Saint-Chef Stroll – Under the Skies Saint-Cheffois

Saint-Chef Walk – The Key to the Fields

Crémieu Walk – Between Ramparts and Cliffs

Morestel Walk – In the Morestellois Woods

Walk Les Avenières – The Great Calm

Larina Plateau Tour

Les Avenières walk – Escape to the marshes

Circuit: 3000 years of history, the site of Larina

Crémieu Walk – In the Countryside

The hillside of Serrières

Morestel walk – Take height

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