With such landscapes, children are wiser!
Too good to be true ? Not so sure… When we know that the most beautiful panoramas of the Balcons du Dauphiné are deserved, we can predict quite easily that the little darlings will be somewhat rinsed on arrival. Yes, so we don't take too many risks with this beautiful adage...
And for those who fell into it when they were little, we invite their parents to meet at the Tourist Office to prepare a sports program for you!

Enough joking, at Les Balcons, we take the time: the time to escape, clear our heads, recharge our batteries, rest our brains (as we say around here). The time to observe nature, to discover the wonders of the territory... And what could be more appropriate for that than a shot of nature as far as the eye can see?

Take a deep breath, open your eyes… Admire!

The Cross of Serverin, in Vertrieu

Did you know that Vertrieu is the northernmost village in the Department of Isère? The view offered by the Croix du Serverin is breathtaking: the fortified house, the new castle and its French gardens, the Rhône and the Ain in the background... A great reward after the short climb in the woods!
The city of Vertrieu is full of treasures, sometimes surprising: a cooler from 1716, a giant fresco painted by an inhabitant of the village, a climbing site... A visit circuit, with indicative panels, allows the curious to discover everything. The visit map is available free of charge at the Tourist Office or can be downloaded.

And for those in a hurry (or the less sporty, as you wish!), go directly to the Croix du Serverin car park!

Free access, all year round.

Become ambassadors of the Balcons du Dauphiné!

Who says beautiful panoramas, usually says breathtaking photos… And who says Balcons du Dauphiné Tourist Office, says “We love seeing your souvenir photos at Les Balcons! »…

Instagram followers, this is the #BalconsduDauphiné to add to your caption! We will not sulk our pleasure to share them!

The Larina plateau, in Hières-sur-Amby

In the heart ofSensitive Natural Area of ​​the Larina Plateau, take the discovery trail and its mosaic of biotopes: moors with boxwood and junipers, dry meadows with orchids, woods of oaks and hornbeams, cliffs where the Peregrine Falcon and the Rock Swallow nest, scree populated by maples and lime trees… This path will take you to the heights: once on the plateau, you cannot miss the Archeological site and the view of the pond below, the village of Hières-sur-Amby and the Isle Crémieu plateau!
A discovery booklet with trail routes is available free of charge at the Tourist Office and at the Archaeological Museum of Hières-sur-Amby.

Free access, all year round.

The fortifications of Saint-Hippolyte hill, in Crémieu

Impossible to miss them! The fortifications of the Saint-Hippolyte hill are the first thing you see when arriving in this beautiful medieval town of Crémieu. Often called "the castle" by tourists wishing to go up to see what is going on there, it is not so! They offer a panoramic view of the town and even further afield… Access is via Montée Saint-Hippolyte, only on foot (pushchairs and heels prohibited!). After 15 minutes of light effort, you can explore the stone ruins as you wish or even stop at the landscape reading table to understand everything about the view that awaits you!
And to go even further and not lose the North, you will need a hiking map guide to set off on the marked trails starting from the hill (map guide on sale at the Tourist Office – €5,00).

Free access, all year round.

The medieval tower, in Morestel

Vestige of an old dismantled castle, the Tower offers an orientation table on its belvedere. The interior is a showcase for exhibitions of contemporary paintings and sculptures... Enjoy a visit to the city of Morestel to climb to the top and admire the superb panorama over the roofs of the city, Bugey and the Alps! The footbridge attached to the ramparts with direct access to the old town will also be conducive to observation, but to forget for anyone suffering from a very common scourge called "vertigo".
A free visit map will guide you through the alleys and take you directly to these must-see places!

The sleeping city of Quirieu

The city of Quirieu is the ideal place for a short family outing, in the fresh air! After leaving the car in the hamlet of Quirieu, you can walk to the plateau of this limestone mound, discover its remains and enjoy the view of the Rhône and the Ain. Tadam!
Orientation tables, thematic panels and a practical guide will accompany you in this discovery.

Free access, all year round.

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