Former natural border between Dauphiné and Savoie, enemy territories of the Middle Ages, it now marks the departmental limits between Isère and Ain. Its anger was feared for a long time, but we owe it to it for having shaped exceptional landscapes and for having made it possible, until the XNUMXth century, to open up a large part of our territory by the possibility of transporting men and goods.

Nowadays, the natural environments developed thanks to the dynamics of the river forming islands or swamps offer an unusual plant and faunal biodiversity...

Get to know the Rhône

The French Haut Rhône National Nature Reserve

Since its classification in 2013, the alluvial valley of the Haut-Rhône represents a protected area of ​​1707 hectares in the municipalities (among others) of Brangues, Creys-Mépieu, Le Bouchage, Les Avenières and Saint-Victor de Morestel. This reserve covers numerous wetlands and rich alluvial woods around the Rhône and the meander of the Saugey…

The EnviRhôna trail, discovering the Rhône with the family

Along a 3,5 kilometer route in the heart of the Haut Rhône Nature Reserve, come and discover with your family the Lône du Cerisier, the Ile du Chaffard and a tributary of the Rhône: the Bièvre. The little ones will find educational terminals to better understand this beautiful nature that surrounds them!

Free access, all year round.

Contemplate the Rhone

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