Whether you are a big gourmet or not especially, there always comes a time when you have a little peckish. Take the opportunity to taste one (or more) of our specialties!

For the sweet tooth

Crémieu’s foyesse

The foyesse, a cousin of the sugar pie, is a typical recipe from the medieval city. Its brioche dough covered with cream and sprinkled with sugar makes it an ideal cake for a snack or breakfast!


The ravier and the coral of Morestel

The first is a cake that bears the name of the famous painter François-Auguste Ravier, consisting of a crunchy praline topped with an almond biscuit, chocolate mousse and sprinkled with cocoa. The second is a mixture of almonds, puffed rice, chocolate and orange that forms small bites. Both are delicious! Meet at the Aux Délices de Morestel pastry shop (291 Grande Rue) for a deliciously chocolatey sweet break.

The Vézerontinois… from Vézeronce-Curtin

The Vézerontinois is a gourmet cake made up of a crunchy praline, chocolate mousse and marzipan that you will find at the Vandroux bakery-pastry shop, in the heart of the village (96 place Clodomir).

For salty beaks


Charcuterie lovers, over here! The sabodet is similar to a cooked sausage that is often eaten with steamed potatoes.

The potato gratin

As its name suggests, gratin dauphinois is a dish… dauphinois! On the menu of many restaurants in the Balcons du Dauphiné, gratin dauphinois is a gourmet and comforting dish that accompanies both meat and fish. This is a recipe within everyone's reach: a few potatoes, cream, milk, a little garlic, salt and pepper, a passage in the oven and you're done!

The producers at Les Balcons

Eating good and local is possible thanks to more than 80 producers present at Les Balcons du Dauphiné. Fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese and dairy products, bee products, bread, beer and wine... Enjoy!

Find the producers on the markets or directly at the farm.

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