Very close to the Lyon metropolitan area and 20 minutes (big max'!) from the TGV station and Lyon-St Exupéry international airport, the "Small City of Character" ranks among "The 100 Most Beautiful Detours in France" ! Crémieu will seduce you just as much with the beauty and diversity of its authentic monuments (Yes! Yes!) as with its anthology of entertainment...

And we won't even tell you about its good restaurants and its great craft shops! And then, the medieval city is also the ideal gateway to a territory to discover for its preserved nature, its biodiversity (the paradise of European pond turtles and wild orchids, etc.) through numerous hiking trails and Spaces Sensitive Naturals. Do you prefer cycling with family or friends? No problem ! By Solange bike for 18 km of greenway and then join the ViaRhôna if you still have juice to continue the adventure at the Balcons du Dauphiné...

The essentials of the city

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The medieval hall

Dating from 1434, this one-of-a-kind monumental complex hosts the Wednesday morning market and various activities under its heavy slate roof (400 tonnes)!

Severine Poet

The Augustinian cloister

What if you did like the Hermits of Saint-Augustin? No, we are not asking you to put on a homespun dress but to come and enjoy this island of serenity!

One of the most beautiful medieval villages in Dauphiné!

Visit the medieval city

With a guide…

From June to September, you can walk the alleys of the medieval city in the company of our tour guides. The opportunity to learn more about the unmissable monuments of Crémieu such as the Halle, the Augustins Convent, the fortifications... But it is not forbidden to think that you will discover many other nuggets that you did not suspect in these places… And then if you are responsible for an association, works council or in charge of animation by your group of friends, we are also at your disposal to offer you a visit just for you!

Guided tour of Crémieu

In autonomy with a visit plan…

You like to know more about the places you visit, but guided tours, okay! blah! Not your thing? No problem: you come to the tourist office, we give you a plan on which appear the numbers of the plaques presenting the monuments of the city. We still brief you a little on the essentials and then, it's up to you! You visit, you explore at your own pace and… free!

As a family with Juliette the tree frog…

Balcons du Dauphiné Tourist Office

Juliette the tree frog is THE ambassador frog of the medieval city. As our Juliette prefers monuments to ponds but she remains very playful, she offers you a free game booklet with puzzles to solve, easy and less easy (with the help of your big brother, your big sister or your parents ). When you're done, you come back to see us and if it's just right (or almost!), you receive the adventurer diploma validated by the Juliette Académie des Balcons du Dauphiné! And then what does Juliette do? A siesta on a water lily!

Our advice for an optimal visit

The medieval city is accessible to disabled persons. There are access ramps for the main monuments of the city. Nevertheless, the visit of the Saint-Hippolyte hill is only possible by a paved path then a staircase therefore unreachable in a wheelchair or with a stroller (long live the baby carrier!). And, if you want to take full advantage of the ride, prefer by far the comfortable shoes in stiletto heels...

The well-deserved gourmet break!

The charm of Crémieu does not reside only in its monumental heritage. It is also on the plate! When you come to Crémieu, you will be spoiled for choice for your lunch or your dinner! From the little restaurant à la bonne franquette that delights your taste buds with its simmered classics to the gourmet tables of demanding and creative master restaurateurs, you have a palette of the most colorful and tastiest! You see, here, we don't mess around with good products! We do good, beautiful, often organic and homemade. And then question producers, we are rather spoiled. There is even a craft brewery and a pastry craftsman in Crémieu. No one here needs to be convinced of the need to favor the short circuit and it is not the many local producers at the Wednesday morning market under the hall who will argue the opposite!

More info at the Tourist Office

Open. Closes at 17:00 p.m.

Tourist Information Office of Crémieu – Balcons du Dauphiné

9 Place de la Nation - Charles de Gaulle
38460 Creamieu
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