Do you know that Vertrieu is the northernmost town in the department of Isère? It is also one of our unfairly overlooked nuggets because it has no less than two castles and if it were only that! Its geographical location on the banks of the Rhône, facing the cliffs of Bugey, with the Serverin forest as its backdrop, makes it a dream location for strolling.

Here, you will discover a preserved heritage between narrow streets and wooded paths. And there reigns a beautiful village atmosphere made of the pride of the inhabitants to make known and loved their borders of Dauphiné.

The essentials of the city

Château neuf (privé) et jardins à la française
Didier Jungers

New castle (private) and formal gardens

In the XNUMXth century, to meet new demands for comfort, a Château Neuf was built on the banks of the Rhône. Its park consists of a French garden and an English garden.

Jardin des Simples
Balcons du Dauphiné Tourist Office

Simple Garden

This space on the edge of the forest, open since 2014, references no less than 200 horticultural and wild species and is LPO classified.

Balcons du Dauphiné Tourist Office


In the heart of the Serverin forest, discover the ancestor of the refrigerator: a stone and slate shrine dating from 1716!

Visit the village

With a guide…

From June to September, on the 1st Thursday afternoon of the month, go on a hike in the afternoon through alleys and vertroland paths. You will discover the history of the village of yesterday and today. During the visit, an ascent to the Croix du Serverin will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the Rhône and the cliffs of Bugey. This guided hike is also offered to groups.

In autonomy with a visit plan…

The visit plan is ideal for discovering the heritage of Vertrieu in total freedom. It is available free of charge at the Tourist Office but also at the Jardin des Simples and at the town hall of the village. Between urban streets and wooded paths, it will be the essential tool for your beautiful walk.

Our advice for an optimal visit

No question of pushing baby in the woods of Serverin, it is imperative a baby carrier. Sneakers are recommended at least and hiking sticks will also be welcome for the small steep start to the climb of the Serverin cross.


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