Because nobody needs to be convinced about the heritage attractions of sites like Crémieu, Morestel, Saint-Chef and Vertrieu in particular. Because nature has also been lavish with the Balcons du Dauphiné, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the guided tours, storytelling walks and all forms of cultural mediation to discover our beautiful region a little more in depth.

These visits are also an opportunity to measure the richness and fragility of the witnesses of history that are the monuments as well as the ecosystems, balances vulnerable and essential to our lives.

Guided tours

Before, guided tours were “pfff”! Now it's "wow", let's go! The team of guides-lecturers and storytellers offers thematic guided tours: gourmet in Morestel, storytelling in Brangues, Porcieu-Amblagnieu or more traditional in Crémieu and Saint-Chef... Whether you are passionate about great history or a fan of p tites stories between tales and legends, during the day or in the evening, we offer a program of visits that aims to be diversified, demanding and fun. We're only waiting for you !

Reservation (strongly) recommended

All our visits are by reservation because we need to organize ourselves in advance to better receive you. How to do ? Nothing's easier : call your Tourist Office in Crémieu, Morestel, Saint-Chef or Les Avenières-Veyrins-Thuellin by specifying your request and voila!

Are you a group ?

Head of an association, a club? Know that the groups formed are received as VIPs! For you, our visits are by appointment on the date and at the times agreed with our guided tours department. We will advise you on what it is possible to do (or not), depending on your constraints and your centers of interest and we will give you the best advice in planning your day at Les Balcons.

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