During the summer season, some castles open their parks, gardens and chapel to the public! Most of the time on a self-guided tour (ideal for taking your time, strolling, taking pictures), sometimes on a guided tour (ideal when you have lots of questions going through your head)…

The castles from afar…

You can't miss them, they will stand in your way! Many castles have been erected here and there at the Balcons du Dauphiné: a handful can be visited up close, the others can be observed from afar… Indeed, these are private properties, therefore inaccessible to visitors (tranquility obliges!). Let's take a few minutes to present the most emblematic! Just for the little story...

Didier Jungers

The stronghold of Brotel, in Saint-Baudille-de-la-Tour

The Fortified House of Brotel rises at the top of a rocky outcrop overlooking the Val d'Amby. It is in this admirable landscape that Edouard Herriot chose to spend the end of his life. The history of this residence begins in 1247, when the Laure family pays homage for the lordship of Brotel. This building affirms its defensive vocation by the choice of a spur site dominating the only access road to the castle. Remodeled in the XNUMXth century, it consists of a dwelling preceded to the east, where the natural protection of the cliffs is absent, and a terrace on two levels. Access to the courtyard is protected by two fortified gates.

Didier Jungers

The Château du Cingle, in Vernas

A former fortified house from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, the Château du Cingle is a typical example of medieval architecture in Isle-Crémieu.
This remarkable building, which still seems to defend the entrance to Vernas, was saved from abandonment and ruin in the 70s. Its current owners have been striving since then to restore it and bring it back to life by opening it up to the public and at various cultural events (concerts in the interior courtyard in summer, guided tours on request and during European Heritage Days, etc.).

Didier Jungers

The Hat Cornu castle, in Vignieu

This 4th century castle bears the name of its builder lords, the Capellas and the Cornutis. This place now houses a 1-star hotel, outbuildings, a gourmet restaurant Le Capella and a spa (the first in France to have a Glowzen Room, a relaxation lounge around bioluminescence). The outbuildings of the castles have been transformed into a seminar center.

Didier Jungers

The Saint-Jullin castle, in Siccieu-Saint-Julien-et-Carizieu

The castle dates from the 1836th century. Partially destroyed during the Revolution, it was rebuilt from XNUMX by the Comtesse de Chaponay. Certain elements such as the dungeon are then added, although they do not appear in the original buildings...

A walk around the Ry pond will allow you to see it, overlooking the water and the surroundings!

Didier Jungers

The castle of Serrières, in Trept

Built in the 40th century, the history of the Château de Serrières is intertwined with that of a powerful Dauphinois family: the De La Poypes. The castle offers an imposing silhouette with its battlements, its pepperbox turret and its admirable keep. In the center of a 90 hectare park, on an estate which has XNUMX, rises this feudal fortress, the best preserved in the region. From its promontory, you can admire the vast and relaxing panoramas of the department of Isère and the Pre-Alps...

The fortified house of Montiracle, in Villemoirieu

Perched on a small hill, an ancient fortified house and Templar commandery with slate roof, quadrangular tower and medieval dwelling, stands admirably at the bend of a valley. This very interesting building now houses a private museum: Mineralogica, mineral museum.

Didier Jungers

Brangues Castle

The estate is organized around a main building flanked by a round tower, outbuildings and an elegant pavilion which served as an orangery along the driveway leading to the castle.

Only access to the tomb of Paul Claudel is open to the public all year round. The rest of the park is private. The castle cannot be visited, except on certain occasions (European Heritage Days).

Didier Menard

Montolivet Castle, in Arandon-Passins

Overlooking the village of Passins, this large U-shaped chateau, fitted out in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries in the classical spirit, is set in a vast park with outbuildings.

Today private, the estate includes a gîte and can host events!

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